Welcome to our website where you can find a lot of interesting information about Czech language, Czech literature and general information about the country. The site is intended for those who wish to learn Czech, this difficult but beautiful language, online.

In the following few lines you will read about the site and what the learner of Czech language can find on this page of Czech for foreigners.

What is this project?

This project has one single aim: be the all-inclusive source of information and exercises for those who want to submerge into the realm of Czech language and want to practice Czech grammar and vocabulary online.

Who is this project for?

  • university students studying Bohemistics
  • immigrants who starve for "Trvaly pobyt" the Czech equivalent of green-card
  • for polyglots who want to extend their portfolio of languages using modern learning methods online
  • for all foreigners who come to Czech Republic on a regular base and want to speak the language of local people

Why should you use this project?

Simple. Because this is a unique possibility how through interactive grammar and vocabulary exercises you can practice Czech grammar and enlarge your vocabulary in a playful way. Let's see what this site offers:

  • Grammar crash-course - basic yet comprehensive step-by-step course to learn and practice Czech grammar with explanations, plenty of example sentences and audio recordings + online monitoring of activities
  • Grammar drills with MP3 audio recordings + online result monitoring
  • Vocabulary drills - words with Czech explanations and or example sentences and some with illustrations
  • Mini-dictionary with over 5000 words translated into English
  • Sayings-game: random sayings with translations + online monitoring of results for later review
  • Questions and answers page with loads of interesting information, the students can ask their own questions

How much does this service cost?

The basic version is publicly available and is free of charge. For a nominal fee you can access all grammar and vocabulary drills.


Free services (to do the exercises you need to register using your email address)

  • First unit of grammar crash-course
  • Czech-English, English-Czech dictionary with explanations or example sentences
  • First first unit of grammar and vocabulary drills
  • Game with Czech sayings
  • Random words game with example sentences or explanations.
  • Resources in Questions and Answers section

For subscribers:

  • Grammar crash-course for beginners
  • More than 100 drills of grammar in more than 1500 sentences in 15 logically built co-related units.
  • Vocabulary drill of 2500 words in 15 units
  • Detailed statistics of all of your results from all exercises
  • Email support
  • Your questions will be answered promptly usually within 12 hours
  • ICQ and Skype support in English, Hungarian or Czech

I wish good luck and a lot of fun with learning Czech using this site

Laszlo Bujdoso
Your virtual Czech teacher


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